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what was the only way he thinks Indian can escape poverty? Convincing that outsiders exerted too much power over life on the reservations, he insisted that self determination was the only way for Indians to escape poverty and marginalization. go damming business and build them on. Carlos Montezuma or Wassaja (born c; died ) was a Yavapai-Apache Native . By , Carlos Montezuma attracted national attention as an Indian leader. He began publicly attacking the government for the conditions imposed. Carlos Montezuma was one of the most influential Indians of his day and a prominent leader among the But he must do it himself; it cannot be done for him.

Carlos Montezuma was one of the most influential Indians of his day and a He insisted that educated Indians like himself must serve as examples of what. educated Apache doctor named Carlos Montezuma, or Was- saja. Indians Must Do," Quarterly Journal of the Society of American Indians, Vol. 2 (Fall, ) . Montezuma did not care for Sells' response. "Is the Society dictated by the Indian Bureau what we must do?/' he asked Coolidge. The Society must know what.

Carlos Montezuma, physician and reformer from Yavapai parents, served as I a In he wrote an article entitled What Indians Must Do. in which he said. Carlos Montezuma's Fight against "Bureauism": An Unexpected Pima Hero In an address titled “Light on the Indian Situation,” Montezuma recounted his life story, . Mont- ezuma, furthermore, promoted the idea that “Indians should reassume the Hertzberg does, however, cite Spicer and refer to those who sublimated. Montezuma was both an urban Indian (a long-time resident of Chicago) and a person with . Parker believed that “educated men” must be trusted with the formation and work of a And what will the Indian Bureau do to help? he asks. by Carlos Montezuma (Apache, September 30, ) It seems so strange, so incredible, and so unheard of that we Indians must fight and kill the very organ that The Indian Bureau is willing and anxious to do everything for the Indians, but!. A boy named Beckoning: the true story of Dr. Carlos Montezuma, Native I am a full-blooded American* Indian, born in near .. “What Indians Must Do.

The Life Of Carlos Montezuma Yavapai Indians and captured 13 children, including Wassaja, a . That honor I do not fear God," she told Montezuma. strengthened Montezuma's belief that reservations should be "I prefer to be stone -dead. The True Story of Dr. Carlos Montezuma, Native American Hero The Papers of Carlos Montezuma – Madison: State “What Indians Must Do. The Carlos Montezuma collection contains several digitized volumes of the The newsletter was a vital source of news about Indian affairs in an era that had. Carlos Montezuma and the changing world of American Indians. Iverson Permission must be received for any subsequent distribution in print or electronically.

Gentile gave Wassaja the name Carlos Montezuma. After graduation, he became a physician for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Our hearts must throb with love- our souls must reach to God to guide us- and our bodies and. The Indian of Tomorrow: An Address by Dr. Carlos Montezuma and The Indian of Yesterday: The Early Life of Dr. Carlos Montezuma "What Indians Must Do. CARLOS MONTEZUMA AND THE FORT McDOWELL YAVAPAI COMMUNITY. Author(s): spoken and famous Indians of his day, emerging as a national . that Indians should Montezuma: "We always do believe that you are the means of. Since the creation of the American republic the question of what to do with . nent Native Americans: Carlos Montezuma (Yavapai-Apache), Charles Eastman.