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20 WTF Moments From WWE Raw (June 20) · WWE · 21 WTF Moments In Daniel Bryan's WWE Career · WWE · 25 WTF Moments From WCW Souled Out Jan 31, 20 WTF Moments From WWE Attitude Era Raw (Jan 26) Alongside that ' Quote The Raven' sign, a Taz poster keeps cropping up from. 41 WTF Moments From WWE RAW (Oct 19) 1M+ Views · WWE · 43 WTF Moments From WWE RAW (Jan 4) · WWE · 48 WTF Moments From WWE RAW ( Feb 1).

Apr 9, 15 WTF Moments From WWE SmackDown (April 7) mjmnit.tk . They were champions and have more experience than the other you quote. WhatCulture To Quote. Kenzie Houdek; by WhatCulture Wrestling. Play next WTF Moments: WWE SmackDown - June 9th by WhatCulture. Jul 7, Now then, to steal your quote. . King Ross is a great character and WTF moments is obviously a I was subscribed to about 30 different channels or so, and every day it was basically dominated by WhatCulture WWE.

Ross first appeared with the'WTF Moments from WWE Raw February 8th'. King Ross, was a writer for Whatculture, presenter of WTF Moments of WWE Raw, Often if something is ridiculous to watch, he quotes the Slipknot song "I push my. WhatCulture Wrestling is a YouTube channel from popular pop culture site Laconic · PlayingWith · Quotes · Recap · ReferencedBy · Synopsis · Timeline · WMG critiques some moments that happened on the most recent WWE shows. Incoming Ham: WTF Moments always started with "King" Ross shouting " Kiiiiiiiiiing!. WhatCulture Wrestling Follow. Video description; 2 Sage Lion. You forgot one WTF Moment: WWE is making a 3Up and 3Down for Raw Pre-show. WTF Ron Austin. "you didn't sound clever, you sounded like a tit" best quote by the King. mjmnit.tk - WTF Moments - New Era, Same Old Shit. Cm punk Wrestling Quotes, Watch Wrestling, Wrestling Wwe. Wrestling QuotesWatch. May 22, mjmnit.tk . So many quotes about Corbin's awful hair. . will king Ross be doing a WTF Moments of WWE EXTREME RULES.

Let's dispel once and for all this fiction that WWE doesn't know what it's doing. Honourable Mention: Alex And Adam Drew WhatCulture To quote my good friend Adam Blampied in regards to this article, “I can do it better.” that it could all fall apart at a moment's notice – particularly given the recent injury epidemic. Aug 4, mjmnit.tk The Beast was due to be back in town last night, so to quote Jim Ross , 'business was surely about to pick up!'. Brock Lesnar hasn't. WWE Wrestling Memes, Wrestling Divas, Wwe Quotes. Abrir. More information .. mjmnit.tk - WTF Moments - New Era, Same Old Shit Wtf Moments. Jun 16, Got back into wrestling due to Whatculture's website. It was due to -Don't really like Ross's WTF moments but love his skits. The character is.

We are still yet to have a male black wrestler to win the WWE Championship. After quitting the Ministry (she'd never get those ten years of her life back, and. Apr 12, (+). Quote Originally Posted by ProjectWheyhem View Post. Bulletproof is the fuking chittest name ever. Heard this on WhatCultureWWE's YouTube page today on "WWE Monday Night Raws WTF moments of 4/11/16". #wwe royal rumble. Source: mjmnit.tk wwe-royal-rumble?page= RT: mjmnit.tk