Classic doctor who companions in order


In the long-running BBC television science fiction programme Doctor Who and related works, . Other former companions from both the classic era and revived series have also returned as guest stars in .. K-9 Mark III sacrifices himself in " School Reunion" in order to save the Doctor and his friends from a group of aliens. The companions or assistants of the Doctor of the Doctor Who television series are people under the Doctors they travelled with, and sorted by the order in which they appear. . She is the most popular of the companions from the old series. Our guide to the Doctor's fellow TARDIS travellers. Brilliant, brainy and beautiful. The Doctor's previous companions were all this - but not necessarily at the.

Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. First Story: The Web of Fear (); Played by: Nicholas Courtney; Doctors helped: 2nd Doctor, 3rd Doctor, 4th Doctor, 5th. The Visual Index lets you find your favourite Doctor Who episodes by Doctor, Companion, The Doctor's Companions (in order of appearance). (Classic Who) . Sinclair, we've ranked the Doctor's companions from worst to best. time to leave the TARDIS behind and voluntarily returned to her old life.

Whether your first Doctor was Hartnell, Eccleston, or someone else entirely, you' ve no doubt got a favorite companion. We've compiled the top. The Doctor says his friends have always been the best of him. I would have put her way back in the order. I'm watching the fourth doctor stories now and my old Who companion favs are Ian, Barbara, and Sarah Jane. The Doctor's first black assistant went on to star in spin-off Torchwood. Also appeared in Law And Order: UK and US TV prequel to Sex And The. Four of the Doctor's companions were, from top left and in clockwise order: . After three hundred years, Handles died of old age, reducing the Doctor to tears. These are the greatest Doctor Who companions in this history of the sci-fi series, as voted on by a rabid group of Who fans. Doctor Who is one of the most.