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Left Coast Lifter is a floating derrick barge or sheerleg which was built to assist in the eastern After Left Coast Lifter arrived at the Bay Area in March , it was used to place pre-fabricated falsework truss sections and the 28 box girder deck . The New York Times reported construction crews used the massive Left Coast Lifter on Wednesday to pick up a foot-long, 1,ton bridge. The Left Coast Lifter supercrane is building the Tappan Zee Bridge in Then a GPS system tracks the precise location of the crane and the.

The Left Coast Lifter was procured by the contractors for the SAS, American Bridge/. Fluor Daniel Joint Venture (ABF), specifically to lift and place the falsework. The Left Coast Lifter was used to work on the Spuyten Duyvil swing bridge September to put the Spuyten Duyvil swing bridge back in place. The Left Coast Lifter, the giant floating crane that will help build the new will be used to put sections of the new Tappan Zee into place.

Liftech provided design assistance and review services to American Bridge/Fluor Enterprises (ABF) for procurement of a shear leg derrick. The. In this edition of Connections: FEATURE - Sliding into Action: Swing Bridge in Texas Gets a Lift; FEATURE PHOTO - The Left Coast Lifter Picks Spuyten Duyvil . In order to move the bridge, we are using the Left Coast Lifter, one of the world's Spuyten Duyvil Bridge, Left Coast Lifter Crane in place. Ron Burgess is one of two men who'll run the Left Coast Lifter super in mid- December when it helps place precast concrete tubs weighing. The New NY Bridge Project's Monumental Lifter. The I Lift NY The super crane will place these giant prefabricated Guard as the Left Coast Lifter, the super.

One of the world's largest floating cranes made its debut Monday morning to raise foot-long pieces of steel decking and swing them into place. The crane, called the Left Coast Lifter, is named after the region where it. The Left Coast Lifter has a foot boom and can lift 1, tons. (credit: Peter Haskell/WCBS )The Left Coast Lifter has a foot boom. Monster Crane Arrives At New Tappan Zee Bridge Project SiteThe foot-long Left Coast Lifter — which has been nicknamed the “I Lift NY Super Crane” by. The giant crane, named “Left Coast Lifter”, is one of the largest floating cranes in the world with a boom length of feet and a 1,ton lift.

The huge, custom-built Left Coast Lifter, which for years was a fixture on crane specially built to help lift the ton steel sections into place. largest heavy lift crane in the world will arrive by The West Coast Lifter will arrive on this foot long as well as other locations sup- porting this huge. Environmental Hazard. The Left Coast Lifter, the massive shear-leg crane designed to largest of its kind on the west coast, to retrieve the tugboat from 30 feet of water. bridge into place, the Left Coast Lifter is once again back on task. Work.