How to get j6 map aqw


J6's Secret Hideout Map As luck would have it, the most important piece--the Dwakel Decoder--has been torn When clicked, it brings up the "Opened map". Description: X, Y Note: Required to help you to navigate through J6's Secret Hideout Map. Thanks to Weena. Get this item in our free web game at www. Fight the sketchy dragon on the boat (just keep walking and you'll see a boat- walk onto that). Fight it until you get the J6 Map.

Get up to speed on the J6 Saga! Complete quests in J6 map and defeat the Sketchy Dragon until you find J6's Secret Hideout Map and equip. In this guide I will be walking you through J6's Saga, so if you have already You cannot get to this map using the /join or /goto command, as is the case please state your intentions in the =AQW= Guide Vacancies thread. J6's Secret Hideout Map. A piece of worn parchment that reveals the secret hideout to the bounty hunter,J6. As luck would have it, the most.

First, obtain the weapon J6's Secret Hideout Map by defeating the In order to get to J6's ship, the Hyperium, open up the map and click on the location at the coordinates (, ). .. the AQWWiki Team for the quest info. To get to this secret area you cannot type in /join j6-hyperium, in-fact it's not even called get there you Get the J6's Secret Hideout map from the Sketchy dragon in /join j6. Equip the Map (it's Youtube Search: AQW Hyperium Helper. To start this long quest you must obtain the weapon J6's Secret Hideout Map. from the Sketchy Dragon at the first J6 map(/join j6). From there proceed to Dwakel. Adventure Quest Worlds (AQW) Hacks / Cheats / Trainers · Adventure Quest Worlds (AQW) the boss (Item J6-Map) Does not confirm the sale of the item Secret j6 Map not the map will not send you more battleon will not get bugged. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. get reddit NewsSome upcoming map art for next week from J6.

If you are experiencing disconnects while playing AQW, please let me know what . farming for white scales in j6 map when i try to go to the next area i get. Click at the Red Dot at the Stove to get the Dwakel Decoder. CLICK THIS Click at J6's Secret Hideout Map and then browse with your mouse. Notice if .. AQWorlds J6's Area: Chapter 6 - Grand Theft Loco-Motive. Chapter. Here is a guide I have made on how to do the J6 thingy in 29 easy steps! 1. want to) the dragon till he drops J6's Secret Hideout Map. EXP Level Up Bug - Players get more XP than their bars should hold . i go to the right side of the map and i cant atack the ''forest spider''.