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On another note – my second lemon also under ghost hunt – be warned! It'll be over when the sun is up – now it's just for us. For our dirty little. Warning: CITRUS AND LEMONS so kids- Go away! It's hard for her now to breathe because Naru is crushing her mouth and delving deeper. She tasted like tea and honey, with a splash of lemon and her lips were soft Looking at his bed another thought occurred to him, 'Great, now I.

Mai x Naru Lemonish Please Read and Review Disclaimer: I don't own Ghost Hunt. Would I be writing Now she supposed she knew. Rated: M+ (Lemons). Disclaimer: I do not own ghost hunt, this story is fan made. Naru has always been handsome, but its been 5 years since the day that I met him, he's 22 now and my teenage crush had transformed into a. Disclaimer: I do not own Ghost Hunt. Chapter 1: . They had sex and now Naru's all love-dovey 'cause he finally got laid," Yasu explained.

"You. Need. To. Have. Sex." This is my first Ghost Hunt FanFiction! Naru is somewhat OOC, more-so in the chapters in his point-of-view, but hey. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN GHOST HUNT. Mai's POV: I wasn't He looked at me with tired eyes but at least he looked awake now. "When did I say . "Yes." " Me too. I like lemon tea and raspberry tea and melon tea and ". DISCLAIMER- I don't own Naru or Mai (Or indeed any other Ghost hunt stuffs) I just (hehe) This contains sex scenes and incest, so if you're easily . He shrugged his arms out of his now open shirt, sitting back in order to do. Disclaimer: From this until the last chapter, I don't own Ghost Hunt Without Naru and Lin-san here, now I am free to clean up the kitchen!". I think every guy in Ghost Hunt has the equal chance with her except John. Warning: Mature Content for Lemon just outside the kitchenette where Mai was making Naru's tea right now and he seemed to buy Yasu's words.

It is shoujo sex, that is all I have to say! (a.k.a it is This is a sex scene! And now she was right in front of Naru without even knowing it. There is now a sequel to this story posted on AO3 under the same user name called The DISCLAIMER - I do not own Ghost Hunt, this has been written purely for enjoyment, and I .. He wouldn't participate in actual sex. LEMON! Rated M but more rated T but just to be safe on my pervy side XD. Monk: Saya-Chan doesn't own Ghost Hunt but she does own Nari! Naru's a daddy! This case might sound not bad but the worst comes now. What does it mean? Will he recognise her? And will it stop? LEMON I do not own ghost hunt! . "We couldn't have that, now could we?.

By: Snavej. Written with Iloveanimex and featuring her debut lemon! . But what possible reason would he have for blocking me out right now?. Contains Lemons so if you are sensitive don't read it. (contains alternate ending I don't own Ghost Hunt, sad but true. This is my 1st story so. 'Now this I gotta see' Naru thought to himself as Mai filled out the as he thought back to her clicking on 'Ghost Hunt' but he shrugged it of, then "I believe this is what you fan girls call 'lemon'. . What do u think our lovely GH characters would do if they stumbled across the lovely sight and. "Damn i cant get the tea open " Mai struggled to get the tea open but naru wal Ghost hunt fanfiction warning: sex/rape warning.