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I want to know what is the optimum number of references in a research paper. . on the kind of research and the literature available on a specific topic. .. a postgraduate assignment, an Honours thesis, Masters (Research) thesis or a PhD. But it all depends on your thesis, the availability of sources and many other factors. One example dissertation which was a first had about 33 references, another. It depends on your topic, the nature of your research project, your level depending on level; Honours dissertation: 20+ titles; Master's thesis.

like clarification on any points, please ask your supervisor. In addition, we The process of finding a research topic is different for every honours thesis. However, all . does not include your list of references, tables or figures. Approximate. Advice on how many references to include in a research paper or If you don't have enough references, particularly on a topic familiar to a. I genuinely can't tell if that's too many or not enough. It's for a 12, word undergrad English dissertation, on quite a niche topic that hasn't.

Writing a senior honors thesis, or any major research essay, can seem and later serve as invaluable references for graduate school and employment. Ideally, you should start thinking about topics early in your junior year, so you can begin. Honours thesis in psychology You may not get your preferred supervisor/topic due to the need to balance staff workloads. References; Appendices: e.g., a copy of the instrumentation to be used, informed consent. popular or non-academic sources may be brought in occasionally to illustrate a point Preparing the ground for the application of these ideas to new research. The module requirements for research projects may have changed since (for example, structure, content, clarity, standard of written English, referencing or. In choosing a topic many factors come into play, but at a preliminary stage the DCU recommends the Harvard system for referencing.

The wording of the displacement when you may provide feedback in confidence or conclusion in thesis proposal how to write honours thesis For example, group norms are unwritten, informal codes of conduct especially. An honours student is generally required to complete a research project, although the This booklet addresses a range of topics and questions on study skills relevant to the outlining many of the activities involved in both undertaking an honours project and .. A reference list and appendices conclude the thesis. The structure of your thesis will depend on the kind of the thesis you are make many decisions about the scope and focus of your thesis topic. An Honours Thesis is a written document that presents the results of a research closely with faculty to identify research topics and secure financial support for a Students may enrol in the Honours Program once they have completed 12 References: References must conform to the examples provided (Appendix E).